Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Look book Special 2013 ♥♥

Look Book Special 

17th December 2013 :
Hehehe yup! I'm finally doing my Look Book Special for the year! Basically this post is about my fashion wears and buys and mix match! Because I've been asked quite a lot about my fashion about where I get my items how much I purchased them and so on. In today's post I'm about to answer all of this questions so it might be one of the longest post yet! And besides I've not been blogging for the past 2/3 days to imma get started on it anyway! And if you're wondering, I'm now doing better than usual hehe yay so now I have the energy to actually make this post for all of you lovelies out there!!!! Hehehe so let's get on to it!

So I was asked on how I dress myself do I follow tumblr? Or do I create these styles myself? Well, to be honest I do not tumblr anymore or do I follow "tumblr's" style. I do have a tumblr back then in sec2 days but it's dead ( lol forget the password) so anyway, I don't follow any tumblr style basically. My mind is always corrupted with fashion and it always makes me think on what to mix and match! And then bam I'll have a picture in my mind about the items and it takes me like actually a month to finally get the correct piece of cloth to match what I've "created" in my mind. Lol i'm weird. xD !! I was asked what kind of style do I prefer, basically I don't have a "fixed" style on my fashion. For example some girls love going girly with their dresses and high heels for me it totally depends on my mood. If I wanna go girly then hey you'll see me in a dress! But, I hardly put on dresses not that I don't like them, I just don't get attracted to them when I go shopping. But you can say I'm more of the hipster and retro type of chick when it comes to styling. I love the hipster style and the retro style! Anything in the 80s or 90s is a rock out outfit babe! Alright so i've answered that! Next, where do I buy my products? Which shop I often shop in....... well actually I don't have any fixed shops. Like really. I just go out look around if it catches my eyes then I'll buy! 

Okay now ,
I know there are most girls out there who are damn clueless what to wear and then having to try something on then throwing it back into your wardrobe AHAHAH I do that too xD but don't worry I'll tell you my style secrets hehehe. 
So here are some list of things you NEED in your wardrobe these are basically an essential and a necessity in your wardrobe!! And if you already have these stuff, babe you're good.
- A plain white top and black top
Why? It's good to have plain top to help match clothes like floral prints,dungarees,printed tops etc.
-A skirt 
A skirt is like a go to thing in a girl's wardrobe! But if you don't wear skirt, it's cool. Just rock with your jeans hehehe ( love jeans )
-A Short
Shorts are like some-sort a must to a girl's wardrobe!! Unless you're a Muslim girl wearing a scarf please don't xD . Anyway shorts are like the casual wear type. If you're planing to be simple yet edgy shorts are the helper to your day!!! 
-  Denim Jacket
OH M GEEEEE Denim Jacket has got to be an essential in our wardrobes girls. Because first of all Denim matches with anyyyything!! And that is why I love denim haish heheh 

Last but totally not least,
-A loose cardigan!!
We totally need a cardigan because if you're planning to catch a movie a cardigan can or might keep you warm and it's also a fashion outwear for your casual days!! 

So do you have all this?? If no, go get them!! But please, don't buy them at expensive shops like Topshop and such unless you're a really rich girl then go??!!! 

Okay next,
that day I was asked, how I'd match "pullover" or oversize tops etc. Damn I would totally put on a tight  fitted jeans with either sandals or vans!! yup!! Cause since it's already Oversize and Pullovers are some-sort the same, it's best to put on something tight fitted on the bottom part. Because in this case, we are trying to show off our top! Not the bottoms so if you're gonna wear shorts, please just don't even bother to buy pullovers etc. SHORTS + PULLOVERS/JACKETS ARE A BIG NO NO!!! REMEMBER THAT! Tbh I get really annoyed when I see girls wearing like that. Like just no yeah. Hahah sorry if I've offended any of you girls I don't mean too I'm just trying to help so people won't be laughing at you when you wear really SHORT shorts in public it looks like you're naked so please avoid wearing that!!! 

I guess I've come to the end of this post for Look Book Special 2013 !!
Don't worry, there's more to come!!! 
So stay tune and thanks for reading ♥ !!!!



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