Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas !!!

" 1 smile can hide a thousand tears "
25th December 2013 :
Hey! Here's my #ootd for Christmas!! Just a simple white dress with black detailing! I love it! Thanks to my aunt for getting it for me!! So basically I went to my Grandma's house to celebrate Christmas! I had a really great time with my family today as I don't always see the other half of my family. But anyway the food was amazing as usual! I had some cake made from my grandma's friends! It tasted yummy as hell! And not to forget my dearest cousins made coconut mini cupcakes with cream cheese!! That tasted really yummy!! Hehehe took some photos with the family hahaha my uncle feeling feeling model xDD !! Ended the day watching "Home Alone" with them all.  Currently watching sad Malay love movie!!!  Well alright that's basically all for today's post. As usual I can't upload my video here and I'm so pissed off. 
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