Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Eve!

" Jingle Bell Mermaid Man Smells "
24 December 2013 :
Hahaha that caption was from one of Spongebob's Episode! Hehehe! So anyway, tmr is Christmas! The day many people whose celebrating it are waiting for! As for me, I'm just excited for the food my grandmother is gonna cook! I hope it's steamboat again!!! Hehehe so yesterday I did a video on Christmas Product and Accessories that I'll be using tmr but sadly the vid cannot be uploaded! Meh :(( !! But anyway i'll just talk about it then, so I've been asked what I'll be wearing for Christmas, here's a hint it's a dress and its white with some black detailing! Hehehe yup! Since last year I already wore red, I thought why not I go white this year! So if you wanna know what's gonna be my #ootd for tmr!! Check out my instagram!! :-)) And I can't wait to see my followers posting about their Christmas OOTD!!!!!!! Hehehehehe maybe I'll vlog about tmr if I can post vids through my blog! Some has asked me to start a youtube channel but I'm too shy and afraid to actually :( maybe If I get enough support I would? hahahhaha!! Alright blog again soon!
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