Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My everyday SIMPLE makeup!



3rd December 2013 :

HEY! So basically this video was requested by a reader! About my everyday makeup. I'm sorry if you didn't see any changes because my makeup is more to the neutral side! Hehehe and this will prevent my face from getting pimples easily! I hope you enjoy! Hehe don't judge me this is my first ever video xD ( damn I look ugly ) 

Products Used in this Video :
Powder - Face Shop
Compact Powder - Avon
Mascara - Mabeline MAGMUM
Lips - LOREAL Palet 
Face Shadow  - Mabeline in the colour Berry Sorbet
And my two ZA products! My moisturizer and my UV cream! 
Well that's all for now thanks for watching and reading! If you want to see more videos please askfm me anytime! 


Okay just gonna post it on the same post! So basically I've been asked where to take photos and such. For this annon, there's a place opposite of scape in which there be a graffiti wall. You know there's a cross road to the other side? There will be this red painted building! Not too big but they sell food and have a coffee shop there! It's very obvious once you've crossed from scape to the other side. And to the rest, I take most of my photos at Orchard Central, the exit door between VICTORIA SECRET and F21, turn to the left and you'll see an escalator! Take that escalator till the highest level and you're there! Hehehe well that's all actually thanks for reading.  xoxo

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