Monday, December 9, 2013

Back/Updates :)

" Whatever the weather, ice cream makes it all better "
9th December 2013:
Hi my lovely readers, it's been awhile since I blogged! So i'm just gonna elaborate about my holiday and some updates along the way! So yeah went off to Malacca on Friday morning! But the bad news was, I was sick! Boohoo! And on top of that I lost my voice!! How great -.- hahaha! Like I totally can't reach my high notes and when I try to, it's like a squeaking voice fml HAHA! But yeah, anyway, it was about 3/4 hours ride!! And oh my god it was freezing cold I swear! Cause it rained really heavily. Okay so then reached the villa! Ahhhh the best part indeed!! Then I swam most of the time basically until I got sun burnt hahahaha!! Went shopping too but I only bought two things. A purple sweater and a fitted top!! Hehehe! Basically that's all. Though I was sick throughout the getaway I still had an awesome time with my family!! Heheheh well enough of elaborating about that. So I've been asked to upload more photos on my blogshop!! I'm sorry if I've haven't been updating there for I'm still in the process of collecting more things to be sold!! I promise to start updating more on my blogshop!! Business has been quite okay? But I still need to clear everything out before I post new things in my blogshop!! Hehehe!! I thought of doing a Vlog but since I lost my voice I couldn't!! Like haish :(( but no worries, I'm going out tmr with my primary school bestfriend so I'll be doing another "follow me around" vlog!! Hehehe well till here !! Enjoy the pics!! 
And oh not forgetting, I just put up this "nuffnag" survey! By the side of my page, you can only see it via comp!! Do try out the survey thanks!! 
Thanks for reading ;

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