Monday, November 25, 2013

Just today

*Sorry for the bad quality*

So today got my pay :pp !! Damn! I had to wait for like an hour to queue just to get my pay! The queue was insane!!! Hehehe but nonetheless it was worth the wait! Okay so I brought my mum and sis out today! Treat my mum dunnkin donut and my sis some games at the airport! Had a pleasant time indeed with them! But sadly along my happy moments, a shocking and sadden news that breaks my heart and brings me to so much tears. But life is about moving on from this world to another. And I learn that no matter who the person is, we have to appreciate them. 

My ootd! 

Just to say thankyou for being a great friend a great step cousin. I had the best times with you and your sister but it's time for you to go, go back to our creator. I'll see you again someday, and that someday we'll be flying kites again together. Al'fateha to my dearest Hidayat Fikri I love you
Rest In Peace you innocent soul ~

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