Friday, November 29, 2013

Outing/Updates :-)

29 Novermber 2013:
Okay so hey! Went to haji lane and town with my clique! Like it's been so so long since we actually met and stuff! Alright so, went to La Maralle ( No idea how to spell ) I must say the cafe sure is colourful haha!! It's a welled designed cafe indeed!! I recommend ya'll to try it out!! It's somewhere near the Sultan Mosque. Okay then I finally tried macaroons!! If you've never tried them before it's like a chewy soft cake lol HAHAH!! But really it was nice!! And oh! The Oreo cheesecake was super yummy!!!! Haha and the guy worked there gave me 10% discount hehe! Okay then headed to Orchard Central with the clique! Had a short photo session. Then headed to eighteen chef for lunch! Hmmm it was really packed today! :( unexpected! Then we had a good talking session and some catch up session at Madarin Gallery!! Played T or D !!! HAHAH So funny!! Well that's all for today!! Oh and some were asking where I got my outfit for today!
Top: Bugis Street ( someone at the back part of bugis )
Bottom: As said in my prev post got it at scape underground!
Bandanna: Daiso :p 
Bag: LV lol it's a friend of mine!!!
Honestly everything caused me about $35/40 for my ootd (accept the bag)
Price doesn't matter, it's about the confidence and creativity in you! 
Hehe I received great feedback on askfm and I'm very thank-full for it!!
Oh and don't forget to check out the last photo of this post! 
Thankyou for reading!!!

5 MORE DAYS TO THE LAUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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