Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Outing :-)

Sugar spice and everything nice ;
26 November 2013 :
Went to town with my girls today! ( Zylah not in picture because she didn't like taking pics ) okay anyway!
Went Orchard then to Somerset and to Scape! Stop at forever21 for a selfie haha! Then headed to Starbucks!! Drank the Vanilla Latte with raspberry syrup! It taste just like coffee but the sweeter version I guess? ( lol cause I added 3 packets of sugar HAHA )
Alright then headed to Eighteen Chef for lunch!! Ahhh favourite shop ever in town when it comes to lunch! Got the pasta with black pepper! Yummers!!
Alright then headed to scape underground to shop! Bought a pair of really tight fitting jeans!! Love it!!
But sorry I didn't took a picture of it :-( !!
If you want to purchase it, it's for $21.50 they're having a sale on the jeans.
Get it from Alescere !! ( stated on the plastic bag )
Okay then headed to Orchard Central for some photo session! Photos below!! Well that's all basically! AND OH!! I got myself a new Iphone Casing!!! Omg so much love for it!! It only cost be $3!!! You can get it at cineleisure level 2 !!! Alright that's all for today !
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