Sunday, November 10, 2013

More about me ~

Jeans: Hong-kong ( online )
Bag : Bangkok
Creepers: A friend's 
Top: Got it from my aunt!

So hi again,

I thought of posting more about myself because I want my readers to know about me more hehe here's some facts about me you ya'll can know :)

1 :  My height is 1.68 ( the last I checked )
2 :  My favourite colours are Purple & Pink !
3 :  I love strawberries and guava 
4 :  I have massive obsession with pretty notebooks/diaries 
5 :  I sleep VERY late and wake up late too :p 
6 :  I hate the colour yellow ( no offence ) And don't ask me why is the photo above yellow I just happened to choose that colour on accident :p
7 :  I am a huge fan of MacBarbie07 and Stillababe09
8 :  I don't like milk but I love Ice cream 
9 :  I'm currently not schooling because I'm waiting for my results! ( hope I pass well )
10 :  My fav drink in starbuck is Cotton Candy hehe yummers !
11 : My hair is a bronze/brown colour (natural)
12 : My birthday is on 12 November!! Which means it's in two days time yay :p

Hahaha well that's pretty much it for now!! 

Oh and these girls are my lovely clique members! I love them to bits ;)

Thank You for reading xoxo 

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