Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy Birthday to me!!

" Happy Sweet 16 " 

Hi Hi !!

As you all know or may not, today's my 16th Birthday and yes it's the absolute best birthday ever!! I had a wonderful time at the chalet with my classmates!! And I'm so happy !! They sang me a birthday song in which I've never gotten before from such a crowd!! Hahaha today has been a grateful day indeed for me. Went home with a surprise from my mum and a little card from my younger sister! Thankyou is all I can say!! And not just that, I also got so many wishes from my followers both in IG & Twitter !! Thank you so much to my followers for the wish I really am speechless at how many wishes i've received. Anyway I went to Vivo City with my mum for my birthday treat!! And last but not least, an unexpected surprise from my best guy friend haha I'm still speechless though and I can't thanked him enough for the gifts he's given to me. I love it!! Alright thanks for reading ya'll xoxo

" The older you get, the wiser you get "  

Anyway here's the photo of my class chalet and today's ;

Oh and here are wishes from my 4 most important friends <3 

Goodbye ;

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