Saturday, November 9, 2013

Facial Products used by me!

For today's post, I decided to tell ya'll what are my two everyday facial use!
Okay starting from this pink one. It's from Za ( obviously lol ) it's the Total Hydration Deep Moist Cream it's a moisturizer that I use every single day on my face. 
Feed-Back : This product is great! I've been using it for about 2 months now and I must say it gives my face a fresh feeling to it and I recommend you girls out there to buy it though! But sadly I forgot the pricing of this product... boohooo :(  but no worries aye if I happen to find out the pricing I'd let ya'll know ;) 
Step on using this product : First thing first I always wash my face in the morning then after showering, I apply this after showering and when I'm about to sleep. So that it moisturize my face while I'm having my beauty sleep :pp ( lol sharmen ) haha!
Rating : ( i used hearts instead :p )

Okay moving forward.......
So this is the Za True White Power Block UV it comes with SPF 40 how great is that? We all need SPF to protect our precious face from evil Mr Sun 
Feed-Back: Honestly I find this product useful of course and yup I love it! It totally protects my face from the sun rays and it gives my face a very "protected" feeling though and it doesn't just does that it makes my skin more fairer than it is! ( hehe I like ) so if you want a nice feeling to your skin you probably would wanna try this product! And sadly again I forgot the pricing :') so sorry x
Step on using this product: After applying the moisturizer, I apply this then afterwards I put my daily face powder then proceeding to my daily make up :-) 
If you want to know how I style my everyday make up, ask me now! 
Thanks for reading xoxo

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