Saturday, November 30, 2013

End of the month/updates ;

" Hello December "
30th November 2013 :
Hey! Yup it's finally the end of the November! Well not yet but almost so here's a post for the last day of November.
Basically what I've bought/got on November
A geek crop top from my beloved clique member ( thankyou x )
Two skirts from Cotton On 
Turquoise Jeans from Cotton On
Black flats from a local store 
HW Jeans from scape underground 
A polka dot dress
A white sheer top 
Okay basically that's all for the month of November ( as far as I could remember what I got HAHA )
Okay just to update on ya'll I've soooo many plans for this coming December!! And i'm trying very hard to upgrade my blog so it'll be nicer and share with ya'll more and answer your questions! Cause I honestly love answering questions when it comes to fashion wise or like opinions on what you babes wear! Hehehe and i'll be away this coming Friday for a short getaway! The good part is, i'll be vlogging where I'll be going!!! Omg I'm so excited!! And launching my blog on the 4th of this coming month too!! There's so much in my mind right now!! And I wish I could share everything with ya'll but shhhhhhhhh :p !! Okay that's all for this post! And regarding to those who've asked me questions on askfm thankyou!! 
Alright till here thanks for reading 

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