Saturday, October 26, 2013

What to wear for an interview?

" I wanna run away, far away"

Hey !

Wow it's been some days since I last blogged! Let's get started..... well first thing first, I went to apply a Job yesterday! And thanked god I was accepted for it! Super happy and satisfied with the job I got. Training starts next Tuesday! Though i'm really stocked about it, I'm still kinda reluctant about it. What if I mess up? There's so many negative thoughts running through my mind now!! But oh wells it's all about the experience anyway! haha!


I'm sure many of you girls out there have no idea what to wear for an interview or when you want to go apply a job. Well I went for a simple yet teenage look! Putting a blazer already means you're serious about getting the job you desire. But, if you don't own any blazers, just wear a simple dress with flats! That would make a good impression of the person you're applying with. But it's all up on how you wanna dress. Just don't put on jeans!! Goodluck anyway to you if you're planning to work and if you already are, have fun and stay safe! Well that's all for today. Thanks for readings xoxo 

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