Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Training ;

" A positive mind brings positive thoughts "

Okay I know the picture above isn't relevant to the title for today but I thought hey why not I just post this. Haha okay anyway.....

So yesterday, I went for my very first training at the TCC office. It was a great but totally tiring day for me! Firstly they briefed about the importance during your working days. Second they told us what are the requirements in certain hotels etc. Overall I think the training went smoothly! But it was kinda tiring though cause we had to stand for like about an hour. Gladly, the trainees there were pretty funny friendly and nice! ( thank god ) and the people whom applied were also alright! Hahaha can't wait to make new friends though. Well okay then shall update more soon! But sadly I won't be very active due to my working days but I promise to update when I have the time! Thankyou for reading xoxo

" My mama told me not to waste my life she said spread your wings you little butterfly"

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