Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tips and fashion wear for work outs ;

" No pain no gain "

Hello Good Looking,

Hitting the gym ? But have no single idea what to exercise or wear to your work-out sheesh? Well in today's post, I'm here to share to you ladies on my fashion wears and exercise I do during my work out days! Let's get started.........

First :

You wanna make sure you wake up super early on the day you're planning to work out. Because waking up early is good for the body and also helps the brain to functions better! Waking up at 8.30 am should be alright. But make sure you have at least 8 hours of sleep before heading out to the gym. 


You wanna make sure you shower in hot-cooling water in the morning. Not too hot or cold! After getting out of the shower, you're wondering " what the hell am I supposed to wear omg help ". If you have any shorts that are meant for sports, use them! ( fbts etc ) or if you're the conservative type, you can use pants just like those three ladies up there! And for your top, get something comfortable and something that would absorb your sweat. Or if you're confident, you can use those sports bra's! Ps: Don't forget to take a cardigan with you! For shoes, it can be in any type of sports shoes like " running " or just " footwear " but I advice, if you're gonna do some jogs in the morning do wear those running sport shoes cause it will be much stable than normal sports shoes. 


Are you planning to gain that sexy abs? Well for me, abs is one of the hardest to gain. Totally. It took me some months to finally obtain abs. But mine isn't as solid as other's. What I do first is warm myself up. Then forward to crunches and sit ups. I do 10 reps for each work out! It's helps a lot. Okay next, if you want those sassy ass, you can do squats! Doing that every 2 days can gain you nice ass for sure! Do about 25-50 every 2 days and you're bound to see a difference! BUT MAKE SURE you have lots of rest and DO NOT force your body to work out when it's in pain because your muscles are just starting to stretch and getting used to the pain. Don't torture yourself give yourself at least 2 days break before starting on another work out day or you can do work outs every Friday & Sunday !   

Last (not least) :

You Might want to have a balance diet in your meal. DON'T GO ON DIET! It's not a good thing. Just make sure you eat tons of fruits and vegetable consume enough proteins and vitamin, your gonna be looking sexier than ever! Dieting is never recommended in my terms because honestly it doesn't help. But dieting the healthy way does! Which is exercising and eating foods that doesn't consist too much fats and oil! 

Alright thanks for reading and good luck in your working out sheesh! xoxo

" To obtain something you need to go through pain " 

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