Friday, October 18, 2013

Job hunt ;

Baby when they look up at the sky we'll be shooting stars just passing by :

             Gosh today's been a very tiring and heartbreaking day for me! Why? First I went to find for jobs in which I was rejected most of the time for my age. Just because i'm not exactly "16" yet. I mean like hey i'm turning 16 anyway one of the days. Why must pass 16 then can qualify for a job? I mean its really hurtful going around asking for vacancy then they're like "sorry you have to be 16" gosh i'm so pissed off. Totally. And going around asking for a job sure ain't easy. Totally not! But oh wells......... had a great time though with my friend Mirah! Hehehehe. Anyway one of the shops did took down my name and number........ I hope they call me one of these days!!!!!! Cause I totally need a job cause I need money fast. Haish! Okay then that's all for today's post! And today I got to know something that really changed my impression over someone......haish it hurts thought but whatever goodnight.... Thanks for reading!

" I thought you were different but you're just the same "

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