Thursday, October 3, 2013

How I style ;

Okay so a friend of mine asked me how I style denim. So this are some simple yet fun ways to style denim! First thing first, I love denim. It's like an essential in my wardrobe! So anyway, you can wear denim with denim pants and denim high top converse like what I'm wearing on my first picture above! NOTE: NEVER EVER WEAR SHORTS WITH DENIM OR DENIM SHORTS WITH DENIM. 
It doesn't bring out the denim at all. So wear something that's showing off your denim. But if you don't like the "denim boy-ish" style, you can also style denim with this denim overlay/dungaree  I bought at bugis! Hehehe. Matching it with a simple plain white top is the best! Because here i'm trying to show off my denim and I want my denim dress to be the center of attention! Hehehehe. But it's really up to you how you wanna dress your denim! As long as you have confidence that's pretty much it! Alright next I have this denim top that I paired with my Levis Jeans.
I wanted to be a little sophisticated! heheh so I paired it up with a simple caramel brown bag! And a spiked flats that I purchased at rubi! Hehehe and last but not least, the dressy way to style denim. So pick out any dress that has patterns on it and grab your denim jacket and you're off! This look is totally my personal fav! hehehe it's really an elegant way to dress denim! Do spread this blog to all your friends! Hehehe thankyouuuuuuuu! And I hope i'ved given you some ideas! xx

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