Monday, October 21, 2013

Getting over someone ;

" We tend to wait for that someone but we know it's just useless and disappointing"

So hello, I wanted to talk about something different today that consist of everyone of us. Guys or Girls we all will fall into this kind of situation someday and here today I'm here to help you all out there how to move on from that "someone" and how to avoid your feelings towards them and what not to do........... well continue reading!

Alright,  first thing first. We tend to stalk that someone we love/like don't we? We want to see how their day is going and stuff. STOP that. You have to know that stalking them is a huge sign that we're still not over them aren't we? Another huge sign we're still not over that someone is when we WANT to start a conversation with them. Stop. It's a really bad decision to start a conversation with your ex or with someone that you tried getting together with but failed. Next, delete away their photos in your phone. DELETE! Even any conversations with them. If you want your feelings towards them to dispel even quicker, deleting any memories with them is one of the best ways. Next, talk to someone new. Maybe another guy/girl. Talk to them and start hanging out with them and getting to know them better. That will distract you from thinking about that one particular person that you can take forever to think about. Have sometime with your friends/pals/clique. Having time with them would distract all your sadness about that someone away. Or doing something you like would get them off your mind! Or going for a short getaway with your family! A time with family is one of the best solutions.But DON'T do stupid things to attract that ex of yours. Like for instance ; drinking alcohol. Sheesha-ing and all kinds of nonsense! That would probably make your ex think " pathetic much? " the best thing to do is to make your ex FEEL like you're COMPLETELY happy without them. So being happy is the best way to just forget about your ex. And if you're lucky they might just want you back. I've been into these situations before and i'm proud to say that I've overcome those bad memories with my ex. And here I am today with a smile everyday :) ! And I believe that all of you out there can move on. So remember, it's never the end when you lose someone you love a lot, it just means that god ( or in any of your beliefs),  has someone BETTER than that someone you love/like. It's all a matter of time! SMILE AND BE HAPPY! And if you ever need someone to talk to, i'm here always! Direct me a mail  heheh Thanks for reading xoxo 

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