Saturday, August 24, 2013

Yesterday ;

 #Ootd #drinkOftheDay #LootsOfTheday 
Hellllloooooooooo!! ^-^
Another day has past, look what I got! Some notebook and a pink earpiece! Totally lovin the stuff I got. You can get the notebook at TYPO for a really decent price. And yes that's the "cotton candy" drink that I bought yesterday with @nxrsyasya my dearest! Hehehe. And what I'm wearing is the grey sandles with just a plain white top and studded shorts. Well at first I wasn't wearing those shorts, those were my friends!! Hehehe mine was a blue denim shorts ( check out my instagram ) !! Alright that's all :-)
                                                                       xoxo - shardiana -

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