Sunday, August 26, 2012

Spike Loafers ;

Too pretty need to get one ASAP ;
Hello ! Okay hey, so I've been searching on line for this Topshop spike loafers ever since i first laid my eyes on them!!! The first time i saw it was from this youtuber ! I then just fell in love with it! I was thinking to get one online but afraid it wouldn't fit me as i'm a size 39 or 40 (depends on the cutting) so I didn't went to order them. I wouldn't want to waste $35 bucks on one! Some we're selling for $22 though. So I saw many bloggers saying this could be found in bugis/city plaza well i'm gonna head down to bugis and city plaza during the holidays to get one pair !! yay! Okay so i guess that's for today's post! Till here ,

                                                                           Sharmen Diana

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