Friday, August 24, 2012

Loots of the month

  Loots of the month ;
Hello! As you can see the tittle it's time for the loots of the month every month I'll post up loots of the months photos and where I got them how much i bought. Okay so let's get started so apparently i was so obsessed with the asymmetrical dress and skirt. Those long shorted kind of dress and skirt or so called as "fishtail" so i was dying to get one and finally after months i finally got mine. It was for $20 bucks tough. I guess it was worth it. And I was also obsessed with this boots above! It's a so called Doc Martens inspired boots! I've been wanting this since months ago and finally i got them !! Satisfied with it and i'm super happy! Got it for $25.90 after discount. From MADABOUTSHOES! Okay well will update soon ! Till here ,


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