Wednesday, November 2, 2016


" Back from reality "

1st November 2016

GOSH. HI. I've been away for so long! I've totally abandon my site because I felt I needed to get away from my blogging and keep on accumulating better ideas to keep improving. 

Time has flew so fast till in the 5 months of being away, I got a few mini success that I've accomplished and I don't even know where to start till even my typing seems dry ( can't type as fast as usual LOL ) But I'll just tell you the best one from it.
 If you haven't known, I was chosen to represent Singapore for MAKE ME A ZALORA MODEL in September. *Screams* I was elated, I came out of my room screaming to my mum like ' MUMMY MUMMY LOOK LOOOK!!! ' I then called all my closed friends and my boyfriend and everything felt surreal in that moment.
And not too long back, I was rejected in another modelling competition, well, won't want to say what who but maybe I wasn't their type of gal but its okay, now I know I'm Zalora's kinda gal ;))

But yeah, anyway I'm not going to elaborate everything in details just wanted to update my site hehehe. But I'm so thankful that ZALORA Singapore gave me this once in a life time opportunity out of nearly 12 thousands other girls. 
I met 5 other beautiful girls and I'm glad we met in that short time! 

You can read more about us when our questionnaire is out :) !

Btw you can check out 2 of the pics from the event below!

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Thursday, June 9, 2016


" When you're photo shooting and mum calls to check on you "

Hi!! I'm back with a new fashion post!! 

If you have been following my instagram, you've seen this picture! 

And if you'v been following my social platforms throughout the years, you would know how exactly do I style my #ootds. But anyways, for this ootd I tried to go beyond the climate as you know Singapore humidity is extremely hot! Who wears an outwear when its about 31 degree almost everyday? Fashion Lovers ofcourse!! But if you know your material well, you would know which outwear would be suitable for hot weathers, and for this outwear it fits just fine!

For my first outfit, I paired the outwear with this bell botttom jeans, I mean who can go wrong wearing bell bottoms? And in order to make me legs look even longer, I wore heels to lift up the look! You're thinking she must be crazy for wearing such an outfit in Singapore, but It really depends on a person and how well you choose your materials! 

Now lets talk a little about versatility

As for my second outfit, I paired the outwear with this forest green dress and to make the outfit pop more I added a white sandals! You can easily get this look without creating a hole in your pocket! I actually got this dress from a store near my estate for only $6 and to think I managed to make it look like its $60 because of the outwear was the highlight!

 That is why I always tell my readers this quote I made 

'its not about the price or the brand is about how you style that makes you out stand'

So which outfit did you liked best? You can now purchase this outwear from H&M for $50!!! 
And if you scroll down, you can see the exact photo of the outwear!

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

I'm back! #sharmintzxc

" Maybe there's things in life we need to let go in order to be better "

15 May 2016 :

HELLOOOOOO!! Gosh, it was a good break from things.. not sure if you all noticed, but I deactivated all my social platforms for a while, but my blog was the longest. But anyways, that doesn't matter anymore.. and also the reason why I stepped back from social media was because I really needed a break from everything and just find myself and it has been a really good break. Social media being out of my life made me felt a whole lot better at that point of time because so many things happened in an instant that got me too tired to carry the load all at once. Reasons being is because of some people and their indelicate comments towards people. I won't say much because I've learnt to push all these negativity aside. 

Well time to get back to doing what I love the most! 


Sunday, March 20, 2016


" Maybe happiness has always been there, and our ego has conquered the heart "

21 March 2016 :

Hi everyone!!! Yay yay finally took the time off to actually went for a photo shoot! Oh dear have I missed doing what I love the most! But anyways here's some of the pics from the other day!!! 

Not going to elaborate much here as I've another post to post and elaborate more!!

So stay tune!! 

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016


" What are dreams when consequences won't let you chase them "

March 2nd 2016 :

Not really sure where to start actually, but here's a quick post to update! 

I'm running out of ideas and time on what to post on my blog. Been finding ways to improve them but just never found the time to actually sit down on my table with a nice cooling drink by my side and just improve this blog of mine. And I find that I've neglect so much of what I love doing just to focus on the reality of life. I really miss so much about what I always do that I no longer seem to find a single time to get back on track and it's really saddening to just see the things you love doing, vanish away. But I know I'll be able to keep track of the things I love doing and just be back on track, slowly but surely! 

And I really apologise for the lack of post, like extremely lack of post! But I'm going to keep pushing and motivating myself to get to site back to live!!! 

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016



Well Hello there my loyal readers! It's been a month since I last blogged after taking a break from being socially active. I've been so caught up planning for the months ahead and still searching for who I really wanna be and really wanna do in the years to come. January has been a great month where I spent my days working and also thinking about what to do next in life and just keep improving myself, my blog and in whatever that I do. I realise that I need to do something to my blog so spice it up a little bit and make it more better than it was in the years that has passed. 

I can't wait for the months to come because I'll be back to being socially active and just sharing my life with my readers. I'm also now back to modelling, which I've been missing the whole month during my break and I've came to a realization that I can't go any further without doing what I love and what I've always yearned to do. 

So do stay tune for my upcoming new post and maybe just maybe a new video on my channel! 

Have a great day everyone! 


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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Vietnam #shashashenanigans

" Every day is a new adventure " 

December 31st 2015 : 

Hello my lovely readers, here's going to be the first post for Vietnam! For almost a week, I went to Ho Chin Minh City and Danang. But I'll elaborate on HCM first! 

So, I had an afternoon flight and took the Vietnam Airlines. I really fell in love with Vietnam's cultural dresses that is worn almost every where in Viet. I was soo into it I got one for myself hehehe!
Vietnam had been so amazing and if you're planning to have a holiday here in Viet then you made a really good choice! Why do I say so? Because there's so many HALAL food for Muslims like myself to eat! 
And mostly 90% of the Vietnamese in HCM speaking Malay and English. I was surprised at how fluent their Malay are and that's really something new I discovered here out of all countries. And also Vietnamese are really friendly people because they will just randomly ask you 'where are you from?' also Vietnamese are touchy people, by that I mean when you ask them for a photograph they would be so happy and just hug you and not make the photo turn out awkward hahaha! But all is good. 

And if you're planning to shop here in Vietnam is a good choice as their market sells cheap stuff and in HCM they accept Ringgit (RM) how cool right? Which means you can buy more if you change to RM!! How's the market like? Well if you ask me it's just like any other shops in Bugis/Thailand. 

So if you're the kind who prefers to shop and likes adventuring around, then Ho Chi Minh is the perfect place for you!! 

So after my 4 days stay in Ho Chi Minh, I went to Danang it was an hour flight! 
In Danang, you will get to see the Legendary Dragon Bridge and also their Beach! Danang's weather is just nice! It hits a low of 20/21c most of the time and if you're just planning to relax at the Villa/Resort Danang is the perfect place for you! 
And one thing I really love about Vietnam is they have WI-FI EVERYWHERE....... I'm not kidding. Like every shop I go to be it to buy food to buy clothing it's just wifi connected!! Hehehehe!! And the Villa that I stayed in was absolutely stunning!! There are some pics below for you to see!! 

If you have any questions do drop me an email - 

Anyways that's all for my post on Vietnam!! 

I will be going again soon in the months to come so stay tune for more and different adventures!!

This will be my last post for the year 2015 and I want to thanked everyone who has been reading my blog since day 1 and been supporting all I do. I will try to keep improving on my blog and keep doing what I love to do! 

I wish for all goodness to everyone reading this and may 2016 be a happy and wealthy year for you!

Goodbye 2015 you've been truly amazing.